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Stormwater Promotion

Oakland Plumbing Services is new to the area and we'd love to get to know the neighbourhood.


We're offering free stormwater inspections exclusively to homes in the Turramurra & Pymble area.


Let us help you avoid flood damage, unexpected expenses, and messy insurance claims. Instead, get peace of mind without paying a call-out fee.

Scroll down to view the full Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions

  • One time only offer

  • Offer valid for 30 days

  • Maximum 1 hour free inspection

  • Maximum 1 free inspection per person

  • Does not include any excavation if necessary to access pipework

  • Does not include unblocking any drains if necessary to access pipework 

  • Pipes that are not accessible through stormwater pits or inspection openings will not be inspected

  • Does not include gutter inspections

  • Does not include any pipework above ground level

  • Does not include any work outside of inspecting the stormwater system

  • Only valid for the property where the flyer was dropped

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